Phosagro Launches Green Drive With New Fertilizer Line

Leading Russian fertilizer company PhosAgro was in Berlin earlier this month to attend the Green Week and promote its ecologically friendly fertilizers as Russian corporates increasingly embrace the need to build sustainable businesses, bne Intellinews writes.

“Green Week is a unique opportunity for Russian managers to show off what they have achieved in promoting food security and tackling the new challenges,” Sergey Pronin, the deputy CEO of PhosAgro, told bne IntelliNews in an interview.

PhosAgro is one of the biggest fertilizer producers in the world, mining phosphate on the Kola Peninsula, north of the Arctic Circle, that is then processed into a variety of phosphate-based crop nutrient products that can dramatically improve crop yields, and exports its production to 102 countries all over the world.

Pronin says PhosAgro is proud of its phosphate ore deposits, which are unique in terms of their purity, and unlike many of their competitors contain no trace elements such as heavy metals that are injurious to health.

“Russia makes a significant contribution to food security, the agricultural sector of our country has shown impressive growth over the past few years and we see a significant potential for its further development,” says Pronin.

Green issues have come to the fore recently thanks to the campaigning of activists and the EU’s adoption of a circular economy package in 2019 that included measures to impose limits on cadmium, a harmful heavy metal, in phosphate-based fertilizers.