AliExpress Wants to Draw More Russian Companies to Its Platform

China’s leading online retailer AliExpress hopes for the significant growth of the number of Russian companies at its platform, the company’s CEO Wang Mingqiang said in an interview with Russian state-run news agency TASS on Friday.

“Starting this year, or rather, last year, we began to open AliExpress platform for local small and medium businesses. At least several thousand enterprises have already entered our platform. In the future, we hope that several tens of thousands of local Russian companies will enter AliExpress website,” he said.

Wang also said he hopes that AliExpress work in this area will really help Russian entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, and to some extent will resolve issues related to employment. 

“In this regard, we hope that our project will be able to serve the Russian society. On the one hand, these are opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, and on the other, the solution of some issues related to employment in Russia,” he said.

He expressed confidence that the development of the project will allow small and medium-sized enterprises to more successfully sell their products through AliExpress, not only in Russia but also in the markets of other countries. “We hope that this project will allow selling large volumes of Russian goods in markets around the world,” Wang Mingqiang added.