Bitcoin Used by Taxis, Stores in Russian City of Rostov

Taxi services, supermarkets and various stores in the Russian city of Rostov on the Don River have started accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with stores selling Bitcoin and different BTC teller machines installed in supermarkets, Bitcoin News reports.

This is happening in the wake of crypto-regulation efforts by the Russian government, with crypto-enthusiasts being concerned that the development may affect the country’s generally friendly stance toward cryptocurrencies in general.

After a picture from a taxi cab from the largest city in Southern Russia showing a driver offering payment in Bitcoin Cash appeared on Russian social media, analysts have said this is among many signs that cryptocurrency is very well accepted in Russia.

Not only crypto payments but also bitcoin teller services are doing well in Rostov, the report said. At least three BTC ATMs are currently operational in the stores of the Russian supermarket chain Assorti.

The automated teller machines accept fiat cash, rubles, and a number of electronic payment methods popular in Russia, such as MTC, Megaphone, Tele2, Yota, and Beeline. The operator charges 6 percent commission on the purchases and issues receipts, both on paper and through email. The ATMs have been installed by the Russian company BBFpro which maintains a network of bitcoin terminals across the vast country.