Deals Worth $3,6bn Made during MAKS2021 Air Show outside Moscow

Zala Aero Group at MAKS 2017 (Photo: EPA)

Contracts worth 265 billion rubles ($3.59 billion) were signed on the sidelines of the MAKS 2021 international aerospace exhibition, which took place in Zhukovsky outside Moscow from July 20 to 25, the event’s organization announced on Sunday.

“The total amount of deals inked [at the exhibition] is 265 billion rubles,” it said, adding that 831 businesses from 56 countries participated in the aerospace expo, including online. The program featured over 100 events and over 350 reports, which were heard by over 5,000 individuals.

“The 15th MAKS 2021 aerospace exhibition has topped the results of 2019 in terms of the number of contracts signed and the scope of the business program,” the administration said, stressing that the severe epidemiological situation had boosted interest in online communication.

Thus, events from the business program and news were aired on MAKS’ website and social networks.

Over the course of six days, more than 135,000 people attended the MAKS 2021, according to a representative for the aerospace show’s management.

“The total number of visitors throughout the six days of work is 135,020,” the spokesperson said.