Envoy Says Russia Prepared to Be Part of Afghanistan’s Economic Reconstruction

Russia Afghanistan
Russia and Afghanistan peace talks, Photo: EPA

Russia is ready to be part of the international efforts for reconstructing the socio-economic issues in Afghanistan, according to the special presidential representative and director of the second Asian department of the Foreign Ministry, Zamir Kabulov, who spoke on the Rossiya-24 TV News Channel, TASS informed.

Kabulov said that Russia stated its preparedness to be part of the international efforts for the socio-economic and post-conflict reconstruction of the South Asian country.

He also stated that an international conference is set to be convened where it will be decided what type of projects are going to be a priority, not only for Russia but for the other world countries as well.

Kabulov mentioned that countries should not condemn and criticize the narcotic drug’s production in Afghanistan, but propose another option or alternative that will correspond with the economic and financial instruments in place.

The Afghanistan situation had worsened after Joe Biden, the US President, decided to withdraw the US mission and stop any operations in the South Asian country. After this, the Taliban forces initiated a widespread offensive in the country and slowly took over control. On August 15 they entered Kabul, the country’s capital, and without any resistance reclaimed the city in several hours’ time.

The President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani has fled the country right before the Taliban took over the control of the capital city. Many world powers have begun evacuations for their citizens who worked there as embassy staffers, as well as many others who found themselves stranded there. After they have seized great swaths of the country, the Taliban forces ordered that all the foreign militaries should leave the country by August 31. If the foreign forces stay after this date, the Taliban will be forced to see it as a further occupation and will take appropriate measures.