Labor Ministry to Change Rules for Calculating Payments to Children and Pregnant Women

After receiving complaints from citizens, the Russian Ministry of Labor will change the rules for calculating social benefits for children from three to seven years old, and for women registered in the early stages of pregnancy and single parents, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Olga Batalina told Izvestia.

Now, according to the rules, families with two cars cannot receive help. But complaints from citizens began to arrive – for instance because if a car listed as stolen, the traffic police won’t remove it from the register.

Therefore, in reality, citizens applying for social benefits may have one car, and the second one is stolen, but taking into account the registration data – they still own two cars. In this case, the authorities will deny them social benefits.

Therefore, amendments are being made and according to the new rules, when deciding on payments, cars will not be taken into account if they are stolen or missing.