Experts: Recovery of Certain Russian Economic Sectors Could Take up to a Year

Recovery of a number of sectors of the Russian economy after the crisis will take more than a year, Head of the Russian Accounts Alexey Kudrin said in an interview with Rossiya 1, TASS writes.

“For some sectors, indeed, it will take a year or more. We need to balance opportunities and think a little bit about the future, but now we have to put a lot of effort into this,” he said. “One thing is certain – we will go through it all together, for better or worse. Countries will return to their usual lives,” Kudrin added.

Unemployment in Russia, according to Kudrin, can grow this year to 7-8%, in the worst case, to 10%, from 6 to 9 mln people. At the same time, the country’s share of the unemployed reaches 0.7%. Kudrin noted that the state has already taken the first very serious step, namely, raising unemployment benefits to a living wage.