FAS Russia Files Lawsuit against Apple

Image credit: EPA

The Russian Federal Antimonopoly Authority (FAS) has filed a complaint against Apple for prohibiting software developers from telling clients about the option of paying for goods outside the AppStore, according to the service, TASS reported.

The statement said that, because Apple disregarded the warning, FAS Russia has filed a complaint against the business for antitrust violations. According to the statement, if Apple is determined to have broken the Law on Competition Protection, it could suffer a turnover penalty based on its income.

Following complaints from users of iOS devices and app developers, Russia’s anti-monopoly authority issued a warning to Apple on August 30 for abusing its market dominance.

In some situations, it was possible to purchase a product on the seller’s website for a lower price and then utilize it in an iPhone or iPad app.

As a result, Apple receives a 15-30% fee for each payment made in the App Store, but device owners are unaware of the option of making payments outside of it.