Germany Needs a Long-Term Gas Supply: Scholz

Image credit: EPA

The German economy will require gas for a long time, and this is a must for the transition to renewable energy, according to Olaf Scholz, the leader of the German Social Democrats, who is running for Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, RIA reports.

“We must ensure that development is accelerated, since this is a requirement for the implementation of coal energy abandonment. It is also a requirement for it to pass more quickly. This concept has always been expressed, and it continues to function, regardless of policy, because it would be irresponsible if we did not assure the future security of Germany’s electrical supply in some way. As a result, this applies to the development of renewable energy and electricity networks, as I explained, but it also applies for a long time to the fact that we use gas and build new gas power plants, as this is a must for us to go through this transition phase,” Scholz stated.

“This will be constructed and used at the transformation to transition technologies stage, so that we can quickly shift to it despite of the production materials that we had previously. I believe we can accomplish this if we work together,” Germany’s potential future chancellor added.