UK Increases Assistance to Ukraine’s Energy Sector

Following the announcement of an additional £5 million by the UK government in support of Ukraine’s civil nuclear sector’s need for safety and security equipment, a further £7 million had already been designated to provide generators, in addition to the £10 million released last week to help and enable the reconnection of power across the nation, ReliefWeb press release reads.

This intensifies the current UK-wide campaign to aid Ukraine in the face of Russian cruelty.

In support of the nation’s continuous efforts to stand with Ukraine, the UK’s Business and Energy Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, announced a £5 million support fund that would be used to provide safety and security equipment to Ukraine’s civil nuclear sector.

High priority products, including communications systems, radiation monitoring equipment, and personal protective equipment may be sent to Ukraine through the civil nuclear support fund. This will make it possible for Chernobyl and Ukraine’s other nuclear sites to completely regain the high standards of safety and security required after Russian strikes.

In addition to helping Ukraine recover from the Russian control of Chernobyl, the delivery of essential equipment to the country supports broader initiatives to equip guard personnel and improve the identification of illicit material trafficking both inside and across its borders.

Kwasi Kwarteng, the secretary for business and energy, said that the energy systems are essential for maintaining both economic resilience and national security.

He also said that the UK is currently stepping up its assistance to the people of Ukraine in their hour of need by assisting in the reconnection of power throughout the nation and ensuring the security and safety of Ukraine’s nuclear sector, ensuring that their frontline is adequately stocked in the face of Russia’s brutality.

The UK’s ambassador to Ukraine, Melinda Simmonds, stated that in addition to ensuring that the economy continues to run smoothly, guaranteeing Ukraine has access to energy will help keep people warm and enable hospitals to offer emergency healthcare when required.