Fraudulent Call Center in Ukraine Deceives Russian Customers

A call center engaged in deceiving clients of one of the biggest Russian banks was discovered in the center of Kyiv near the building of the central office of the Security Service of Ukraine, Izvestia reported.

The scammers were forcing the bank’s clients to transfer money to them, and one of the employees in the call center went public about the whole affair.

“We called Russian citizens, introduce ourselves as technical employees of the bank and try to get people to transfer money from their bank cards to ours, and if they have no money, then so that they take out a loan and transfer the money to us.” the employee said.

Call center employees usually call Sberbank clients and communicate with them according to a template. The reported weekly rate of the company’s employees is $100 plus 7.5% of “successful” calls.

“Business is serious. And it is unlikely that he could exist without a “roof” in the power structures,” said the author of the report.

As Russian lawyer Ivan Solovyov said on September 26, most often fraudsters use a method with a call supposedly coming from a bank, in which they warn about an attempt to take money from the customer’s accounts.