Payments for Housing and Communal Services in Russia Increase by 9 Percent

The average bill for housing and communal services in Russia in 2021 was 3410 rubles. This is 9 percent more than a year earlier when Russians paid an average of 3137 rubles a month, Russian media reported.

For men, payments are on average higher than for women – 3480 rubles against 3343 rubles.

In Moscow, the average check for housing and communal services was 3475 rubles, in St. Petersburg – 2805 rubles, in Naberezhnye Chelny – 4779 rubles.

Residents of Kaluga spend the least on housing and communal services, where the average check was 1,581 rubles, Ufa – 1,669 rubles, and Vladimir – 794 rubles.

The data is provided by the Russian Standard Bank, based on the data on the payment of utilities through its application.

The Spanish newspaper El Periodico compared prices for housing and communal services in Russia and Spain and concluded that Russians should be happy.

The electricity bill in Russia is 3.5 times less than in Spain. A kilowatt-hour in Russia costs $ 0.064 (about 4.5 rubles), while in Spain these figures are $ 0.223 (16 rubles).