Putin Discusses Rising Prices of Goods

Image credit: EPA

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that global food prices had risen to their greatest level in 10 years, citing a lack of his own harvest as a probable cause.

At the same time, the President drew attention to the fact that the authorities are doing everything to slow down the rise in prices, according to Sputnik News.

The Russian leader said that the measures are applied, once, and they have an effect, but unfortunately not for all groups of goods, adding that the government will continue to work.

According to him, the largest increase in food prices was recorded in 2020 and at the beginning of this year. At first, sugar rose in price by 41%, followed by sunflower oil.

He believes that the main reason for inflation was the lack of their own crops. For this reason, for example, potatoes and carrots have to be imported from abroad. Putin expects that such a situation will not be allowed this year.

It will not be possible to lower inflation to the target of 4% this year, it will probably be about 5%, the Russian president summed up.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that the authorities will consider the introduction of excise taxes on sweet drinks.