Putin: We Need to Keep a Balanced Budget

In the acute phase of the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection, the Russian government has shown itself as a whole on a positive side, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a “United Russia” conference, local media reported.

Many things could have certainly been done better, more efficiently and more timely, but overall, the government “performed very well” during that period, Putin said.

Together with the State Duma, decisions were made – quite energetically, quickly, carefully, – effective contact and interaction were established.

Putin also added that he would very much like to count on “the fact that even in a normal situation that is not associated with any crises, in the future, work will be structured in just such a vein.”

According to Putin, it is necessary to ensure the continuity and team spirit of work after the elections to the State Duma.

At the same time, it is necessary to maintain macroeconomic stability and a balanced budget – all actions must be provided with financial and administrative resources.