Ruble Strengthens Amid Recovery of Russian Economy

The ruble is rapidly strengthening along with the recovery of the Russian economy, growth in exports, the receipt of foreign exchange earnings in the country, and a reduction in capital outflow, following an assessment of the Bank of Russia of the balance of payments, Russian media reported.

The situation changed dramatically after the first quarter – in January-March the indicators were worse: the balance of operations shrank, as did the trade balance.

The positive current account balance of the balance of payments of the Russian Federation in January-May 2021 grew by a quarter over the year to $ 35.8 billion.

The current account surplus increased due to restrictions on international tourist travel and an increase in the export of goods from the Russian Federation – the flow of foreign currency into the country was greater than the outflow.

The trade surplus is growing rapidly due to the rapid export of goods from Russia – supplies to other countries are growing much faster than imports to the country.

Private sector capital outflows in January-May 2021 decreased by 24% to $24.6 billion. Banks were less involved in this than before. “The operations of other sectors aimed at both reducing liabilities to non-residents and increasing investments in financial assets abroad were crucial.” the Central Bank said in its commentary.

The country’s international reserves rose by 12.7 billion to $606 billion due to the purchase of foreign currency on the Moscow Exchange as part of the budgetary rule and reserve assets management.