Russian Art Gallery Launches Innovative Blockchain Project

Russia’s Tretyakov Gallery is launching the country’s first major blockchain project in the arts domain, Rossiya 24 reports.

Dubbed My Tretyakov, the project allows private individuals or companies to make a donation, which in turn contributes to the digitization of the gallery’s entire art collection.

My Tretyakov randomly selects a unit from the gallery’s collection to be digitized via a donation from a specific donor. Then information linking the donor and the item is put on a blockchain platform developed by the Austrian firm Riddle&Code.

The donations system and the exact date the project goes live are still to be determined.

According to the gallery, donors will have the option of being mentioned every time an item they helped to digitize is displayed in a digital form, or they can remain anonymous. There will also be an opportunity to make donations for others, making them patrons.

Patrons will be able to create profiles on the blockchain platform and store and share information on items digitized with their donations.

The project is being carried out in collaboration with RDI Digital, a Russian-Austrian business innovation collective focused on the application of digital technologies in the field of arts.

“My Tretyakov’s goal is to give every individual in any part of the world the opportunity to come in touch with Russian art, which is collected, explored, and preserved at the Tretyakov Gallery,” Alexey Steblev RDI Digital Partner was quoted as saying.