Russian Finance Ministry Develops Privatization Plans for Abandoned Facilities

The Ministry of Finance, which has been in charge of the activities of the Federal Property Management Agency since 2020, has big plans for privatization regarding abandoned facilities, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev at the Moscow Financial Forum.

“The Accounts Chamber announced yesterday that it is necessary to open large-scale privatization, to privatize the economy. There is no doubt about that. We have very big plans for privatization. But these plans consist not so much of blue chips on the Russian market. At least not now.” said Moiseev.

“Our task is to quickly get rid of a colossal amount of unnecessary objects of the treasury, which are often dilapidated buildings, abandoned sites, long-abandoned industrial facilities, and so on, which sometimes ends up in the treasury purely against the will of the Federal Property Management Agency and the Ministry of Finance, simply by decision of the courts,” explained Moiseev.

The three-year privatization plan, which is valid until 2024, includes several large assets, the privatization of which is possible by the decision of the president and the government.