Sberbank Gives 7,500 Student Loans per Year

The average size of an educational loan with state support in the framework of the program of the same name, resumed at the beginning of August by the Ministry of Education and Science and Sberbank, is 115 thousand rubles.

Students who receive such a loan may not pay the bank the main debt and part of the interest during the first and second years of study. Repay the loan in full will have only completed the third course. The interest rate on such a loan is not more than 9% per annum. The loan is available for registration to Russians over the age of 14 years.

“Since the restart of the program ‘Educational Loan with State Support’, the disbursements are within the previously planned values, based on 7.5 thousand loans per year. At the same time, we observe a demand for training not only inexpensive universities but also quite democratic, which in turn affected the size of the average loan amount, namely 115 thousand rubles,” Sberbank noted.