The Amount of Money Taken from Russians by Scammers Rose by Almost 40%

Fraudsters stole more than 3 billion rubles from Russians in the second quarter of this year, according to the Central Bank’s “Review of reporting information security events while transferring money for the second quarter.”

A total of 3.013 billion rubles is the current amount, Vedomosti writes. The figure is 38.4 percent greater than the same time previous year. The volume of transactions without client permission (OBS) then amounted to 2.177 billion rubles. In terms of numbers, the number of fraudulent transactions rose from 192,636 to 236,971.

It is worth noting that as the quantity taken increased, the proportion of recovered money dropped. According to the Central Bank, it was 7.4 percent this year, down from 12.8 percent the previous year.

“Social engineering techniques continue to be the primary weapon used by hackers to steal money from people. At the same time, telephone fraud is one of the primary routes via which such activities are carried out, according to the Central Bank’s press office. Social engineering is defined as the use of psychological and sociological methods to entice private information from a person.

In the amount of more than 3 billion rubles. This technique was used by 47 percent of those abducted. However, as compared to the previous year, this share has dropped. As a result, it was 68.6 percent in the second quarter of 2020.

The majority of the money – 1.239 billion rubles – were stolen from people by fraudsters utilizing remote banking systems. Only 1.3 percent of them received reimbursement. There were 48,882 such OBSs in all, with social engineering accounting for 81.8 percent of them.

When consumers bought for products and services on the Internet, hackers made the most OBSs – 166,734.

Around 40.1 percent of them were the result of social engineering. The entire amount of stolen money was almost 857 million rubles. A total of 22.1 percent of this volume was compensated.