Third of Russians Ready to Move to New Cities in Siberia

Work and high wages are the main conditions for which Russians are ready to move to the new cities of Siberia, the creation of which was announced by Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu.

Such data was obtained by Otkritie Bank as a result of a survey of 1,015 Russians aged 18–65 years, Izvestia reported.

According to the survey, 29% of the respondents are ready to move to Siberian cities for a guaranteed job and a salary two to three times higher than the available one.

About 12% of the respondents are satisfied with overhead lifts exceeding a million rubles, and 11% rely on comfortable living conditions and a well-developed infrastructure.

Only 7% of survey participants across the country are ready to explore new cities without any conditions, and among the inhabitants of Siberia, their share is estimated at 16%.

Those who categorically do not want to move to new territories – 51% of the total sample. In Siberia, 32% of the respondents answered so, and in the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, and the Leningrad region – 60%, according to the data of “RIA Novosti”.

The climate and cold were potentially stopped by 44% of Russians, the difficulties of geographic location – 31%, and unwillingness to change their current place of residence – 28%.

49% of survey participants approved the idea of ​​building new cities, 27% considered the idea a waste of colossal sums. Almost 23% of Russians heard about this idea for the first time, and 10% of the respondents were indifferent to it.