Russian Govt to Pass Legislation to Simplify Gas Distribution to Homes: Novak

Image credit: EPA

Russia’s government will shortly issue rules as part of the roadmap’s execution, which calls for the free delivery of gas to residents’ homes, with work on connecting gas at the site itself to be done at regulated costs, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, who is in charge of the government’s petroleum and energy complex, told reporters.

Novak said that Government legislation will be passed in the near future that will considerably simplify the connecting of houses to gas distribution networks. He added that a single or regional gasification operator will be responsible for transporting gas to the boundary of a citizen’s site, and it will be free of charge and citizens and regions are relieved of responsibility and costs as a result of this.

Citizens will just have to pay for the services of laying a pipe and installing equipment, according to Novak. At the same time, a person will be able to purchase this service at state-regulated rates, as well as get a variety of gas-using equipment alternatives – a stove, a boiler, a boiler of various brands – according on their demands, he concluded. Gasification applications must be submitted online or in person at the gas distribution organization’s (GDO) office, as well as on the public services portal or at the MFC.

During a live webcast on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the government is considering providing gas straight to the residence at lower costs from the site’s boundary. When asked about the rising cost of connecting residential dwellings to gas, Russian President Vladimir Putin said it was due to “the growth in costs for various sorts of items, including the same metals.”

This is why, according to the President, “the government is now creating a model agreement so that there is no unjustifiable price overstatement.”