Employers Must Ensure at Least 60% of Staff is Vaccinated: Moscow Authorities


The Moscow authorities for control and monitoring of the situation on coronavirus infection have informed that employers in the capital are required to ensure that 60% of employees are vaccinated against coronavirus and take preventive measures.

According to the headquarters, the number of full-time employees, 60% of whom must be vaccinated against coronavirus, also include those who work remotely. At the same time, they can be vaccinated with any vaccine registered in the Russian Federation. The remaining 40% will include those who have temporary medical cuts, including those who have had coronavirus, and others at the discretion of the organizations themselves.

They also recalled that the list of reasons for medical disqualification from vaccination is small, and the presence of antibodies is not one of them.

Employees of companies who have refused coronavirus vaccination without medical contraindications may be suspended from work in Moscow, the Moscow operational headquarters also noted.

It is clarified that during the period of suspension from work, the employee’s wages are not charged. In addition, the time an employee is absent from work without good reason, including as a result of his suspension from work in the cases provided for in Art. 76 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, is not included in the length of service, which gives the right to an annual basic paid vacation.

The employer also has the right to offer the employee to switch to a remote mode of work, but this issue should be resolved individually, the law does not provide for such guarantees to employees who refuse to carry out preventive vaccinations.