Interior Ministry Starts Using Face and Silhouettes Recognition System

Image credit: Ntechlab

The Ministry of Internal Affairs began to use a new system for recognizing faces and silhouettes of people and cars in five regions of Russia, Andrey Telenkov, CEO of the developer company Ntechlab, told TASS.

Ntechlab (Rostec’s technology partner) has developed a face recognition system, which is already used in a number of regions of the Russian Federation; now the company has combined it with the function of recognizing the silhouettes of people and cars. The company is presenting a multi-object video analytics platform that displays video streams in real time, recognizing the silhouettes of passers-by and cars, at the Digital Industry of Industrial Russia (CIPR) conference.

The authorities are also interested in technology. It is already used in Latin America in the public transport system and in the CIS countries in various projects, as well as in Russia and abroad at construction sites and in sports analytics, said the CEO of Ntechlab. According to him, the countries of the Middle East are showing interest in the system, and in the near future the company will hold negotiations with one of the capitals in the region.

The main areas of application of the technology are regional video analytics, transport management, construction projects, retail, commercial real estate and shopping centers.

Earlier it was reported that access control systems with face recognition Ntechlab were purchased by the Moscow authorities. Rostec suggested that the regions of the Russian Federation use the technology as part of the fight against the spread of coronavirus. The system was used during the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia. Ntechlab also reported that a number of countries in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East have become interested in technologies.