Nornickel Supports Public-Private-Partnership Platform for Taimyr’s Indigenous Peoples

The Norilsk Nickel Company (Nornickel) will support the initiative to organize a pilot platform for public-private partnership (PPP) projects for the North’s low-numbered indigenous peoples on the Taimyr Peninsula, Nornickel’s Vice Present on federal and regional programs Andrei Grachev said on Wednesday, TASS informed.

At the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, during a panel discussion on programs to support the low-numbered indigenous peoples, Valery Vengo, a leader of the Low-Numbered Indigenous Peoples Union suggested making the Taimyr a pilot platform for PPP projects for the indigenous peoples. Several regions across the country have positive examples of such projects, but distribution of this experience has been limited, he said.

“We are ready to support your idea to have Taimyr a pilot platform for public-private partnership for the indigenous peoples,” Grachev said.

The company pays special attention to development of low-numbered peoples, he said, pointing to a big experience in that work. According to him, it would be best to present the platform’s structure in September, when Taimyr will host an international forum of low-numbered indigenous peoples of the North.

The idea was supported by the leader of the federal agency for national affairs, Sergei Timoshkov, who stressed the importance of attracting experts to work on the concept.

The Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum opened on April 12. It will continue both online and offline to April 16. TASS is the event’s strategic information partner.