Russia Plans to Start Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2025

Russia will establish a system of accounting for greenhouse gas emissions at the level of companies and enterprises by 2025, the country’s social-economic development forecast for 2020-2022 reveals, according to TASS.

The forecast was prepared by the Economic Development Ministry and submitted to the State Duma by the government together with the federal budget draft.

“In 2020-2025, measures will be implemented for state regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, the system of accounting for greenhouse gas emissions will be established at the level of economic entities, and conditions will be created for facilitating the implementation of projects aimed at reducing and absorbing greenhouse gas emissions,” the forecast says. 

According to the forecast, large industrial and energy companies “with an annual level of greenhouse gas emissions at 150,000 tons of CO2 equivalent or more” will conduct monitoring and submit relevant documentation.

By 2022, it is planned to implement the first stage of national adaptation to climate change, the official document reveals. 

On Thursday, economy minister Maxim Oreshkin told reporters that the ministry had introduced a draft law on the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions into the government, claiming that the new law would not create an additional tax burden on businesses.

The proposals suggest setting targets for greenhouse gas emissions for regulated organizations, as well as paying a fee for exceeding established targets, introducing mechanisms for the turnover of greenhouse gas reduction units and creating a fund to support projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.