Russian Government Approves Oil Spill Response Rules

Source: RFERL

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has signed a decree approving rules of oil and petroleum products spill prevention and response. The document was posted on the official web portal of legal information on Saturday, TASS reported.

“Enclosed rules of organizing activities to prevent and respond to oil and petroleum products spills in the Russian Federation to be approved, except inland sea waters of the Russian Federation and the territorial sea of the Russian Federation,” the decree says.

The rules set forth the procedure of exercises to confirm readiness for containment and response to oil spills for companies dealing with prospecting, exploration and production of raw hydrocarbons. The procedure of issuing a statement of operator’s readiness to such activities is also prescribed.

Furthermore, criteria are defined to identify facilities intended for prospecting, exploration, production, refining, transportation and storage of raw hydrocarbons, whose operations is allowed only subject to available plan.

The decree came into force on January 1 of this year and will expire on January 1, 2027.