Yakutia Fires Cause Damage of over 1bn Rubles

Image credit: EPA

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, direct damage from the flames ravaging Yakutia already totals over 1 billion rubles ($13.5 million). There have been a total of 1,227 wildfires in the province since the start of the fire season, compared to 1,503 at the same time in 2020, TASS reports.

The direct damage caused by the wildfires is estimated to be worth over 1 billion rubles, according to papers submitted. Reimbursement attempts are being pursued aggressively. For example, roughly 150,000 rubles in damage has been paid willingly. Furthermore, our organization has launched a crackdown through increased enforcement. The courts have approved applications for the seizure of nearly 1 million rubles in property belonging to individuals found guilty, according to the Ministry.

Most of the wildfires — 1,077 out of 1,227 — were sparked by thunderstorm fronts, the investigators have noted. The second most common reason, which accounts for 57 instances, is irresponsible fire handling.

A total of 28 people have been identified as offenders as a result of the investigations. Criminal charges have been filed in 14 instances, with nine people paying administrative penalties.

Five of the 14 cases have already been filed with the courts, indicating that they are all eligible for prosecution. According to the ministry, the remainder are being processed, and the appropriate investigation steps are being taken.

There are currently 135 fires raging across the region, spanning over 1.2 million hectares. 48 wildfires have consumed 516,000 hectares, and firefighters are battling them. Yakutia has one of the highest fire hazards of any area in the world. However, the region is under a state of emergency, and the public is prohibited from entering the woods.