Climate Change May Be Good News for Russian Production of Crops

Climate change is affecting food production. It has already helped Russia to become the world’s largest grain exporter, and the nation is anticipated to enhance its positions in the future as agriculture, particularly in Russia and Canada, is predicted to flourish, according to  Financial Times.

According to various estimates, the average annual temperature could rise by nearly one degree Celsius by 2024, posing a serious challenge to the economies of all countries, according to Alexander Chulok, Director of the Center for Science and Technology Foresight at the Higher School of Economics’ Institute of Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge. Countries will need to respond in two ways, he says.

On the one hand, governments will continue to impose taxes, rules, and limitations in order to make businesses and agriculture more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, according to Chulok, the future decades will see a large-scale technology revolution in the climate area, particularly affecting agriculture. In this sector, we can already observe active digitalization and automation initiatives, as well as the growth of nanotechnologies and the introduction of new energy-saving technologies.

Climate change opens up new avenues for the advancement of genetics, breeding, and different biological technologies, as well as the application of Big Data Analytics. And, as the analyst pointed out, these are the areas where Russia has a strong presence.