Lavrov: West Seeks to Meddle in Russia’s Domestic Politics Daily

Photo: The Moscow Times

Moscow keeps track of Western nations’ everyday attempts to meddle in Russia’s internal and international policies, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who gave a lecture on “Russia’s international efforts for the development of Russian regions” on Thursday at the Far Eastern Federal University.

Western countries, according to the minister, utilize a variety of instruments for these goals.

On the day of the Russian Federation’s legislative elections, Lavrov warned that further measures by Western nations to “undermine the situation” and “provoke protest activities” may be made.

In the face of the West’s effort to compel Moscow to forsake its values, Russian authorities and society must deploy their resources, according to Lavrov.

According to him, Russian diplomacy we consider one of the most important priorities to use the large-scale potential of the Asia-Pacific region in the interests of promoting the comprehensive development of the Russian Far East, improving the well-being of people living here.