Biden Says Russia Will Disrupt 2022 US Elections

On Tuesday, US Vice President Joe Biden accused his Russian counterpart of attempting to influence the 2022 congressional elections by disseminating “misinformation.”

“Look at what Russia is already doing regarding the 2022 elections and disinformation,” Biden remarked during a visit to the director of national intelligence’s headquarters outside Washington, alluding to material he gets during his daily briefing.

“It’s a blatant infringement of our sovereignty.”

He also chastised Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin has a “serious issue,” according to Biden, since he is “sitting on top of an economy that has nuclear weapons and little else.” “He is well aware that he is in serious difficulty, which makes him much more dangerous in my opinion.”

The US president also voiced worry about the recent rise in cyberattacks, particularly ransomware, in which hackers lock victims’ files and then demand money to recover access.

“If we wind up in a genuine shooting conflict with a big country, it’ll be as a result of a cyber intrusion,” Biden warned.

The United States will conduct midterm elections in the fall of 2022, with all seats in the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate up for grabs.

Washington recently accused Beijing of carrying out the large Microsoft Exchange hack in March, and the White House has also frequently urged Russia to take action against domestic ransomware assaults.