EU Countries Unable to Safeguard Their Interests, Russian Diplomat Says

Any onlooker watching the Nord Stream 2 affair in Germany easily arrives at the conclusion that the European Union’s member-countries are unable to safeguard their rights, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told the television broadcaster RT in an interview.

“What if the U.S. president – Biden, Obama, Trump or whoever – tells Germany tomorrow to stop breathing? Will Germany obey and stop breathing right away? Or will it eventually realize that if it does not breathe, it will stop to exist?” Zakharova asked. “This is a very important question, but everybody is afraid of making a reply.”

“Everybody shirks answering it, but it is a fundamental question,” she stressed. “It is a question about to what extent each country in the EU space retains the ability to safeguard its interests. As follows from what I can see and what we all together can see, the answer is negative.”

Zakharova pointed out that Nord Stream 2 was an existential project for Germany.

“It is a business project, it is not related with politics, but it is connected with Germany’s development,” Zakharova said.