Russia to Enhance Military Communication Network at Central Asian Bases

Image credit: EPA

Russia’s Defense Ministry has chosen to install modern communication equipment at Tajikistan’s 201st Military Base and Kyrgyzstan’s Kant Airbase. The technologies will enable safe communication and digital data transmission throughout Central Asia.

According to Izvestia, experts think that such devices would increase the fighting potential of Russia’s foreign military stations.

According to Defense Ministry sources, the delivery timeline for the new communication equipment has already been authorized. The 201st Military Base will be upgraded by the end of the year, while the Kant Airbase will be resupplied the following year. Russian forces stationed in Central Asia, according to reports, will primarily acquire satellite and radio signal repeaters.

“The nations where the Kant and 201st bases are situated have a lot of hilly landscapes. Satellite communication will be essential since it is not affected by topography. Radio relay communication technologies work differently and need the absence of any obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver. This has both advantages and disadvantages. There may be some regions where reception is poor, but high-altitude communication systems will cover a far broader area. Furthermore, it is very difficult to block such data transmission lines” Viktor Murakhovsky, a military specialist, stressed this.

He went on to say that the Russian army possessed 3D maps that allowed it to locate the optimal locations for radio relay communication systems.

According to Murakhovsky, the new equipment will improve the capabilities of Russian forces stationed in foreign military sites. “In Syria, communication teams established an uninterrupted and safe data interchange with Russian headquarters,” he said.

“They also supplied communication methods to advise personnel and aircraft units operating in this distant area of operations,” the expert stated.