Russia Calls on Countries to Unconditionally Abide by UN Charter, Lavrov Says

Moscow urges all countries not to use force to resolve global disputes and abide by the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday, addressing an online UN Security Council meeting on maintaining multilateralism and UN-centricity in international relations, Tass informed.

“Russia calls on all countries to build their foreign policy on the purposes and principles of the Charter, ensuring respect for the sovereign equality of all states, non-interference in their domestic affairs, resolution of disputes through political and diplomatic means, and abstention from the threat or use of force. It is particularly important today, when the multipolar system of international relations is going through a difficult stage of formation,” he pointed out.

“As new centers of economic growth and financial and political influence are obviously gaining strength, there is a need to preserve the universally recognized international legal basis to establish a sustainable balance of interests, which would be in line with the new reality,” Lavrov added.