New Defense Communication Center Commissioned in Central Military Region

A freshly built military communication center in the Republic of Tyva has gone operational, the press-service of the Central Military Region said on Friday, Tass informed.

“In a special ceremony held inside the new building the first shift on duty was given orders to get down to work. The new center boasts advanced equipment capable of transmitting uncoded and encrypted messages via wire, telegraph and radio channels and satellite. Also, it has resources for creating a protected data exchange network and secure video conferencing capability,” the news release stated.

Deputy Chief of Staff, Communications Chief of the Central Military District Major-General Gennady Tuchin, said that the new center was capable of providing all types of communication links among military units on combat duty and in daily life.

The communication center was inaugurated on April 29, 2021. The Central Military Region’s commander, Colonel-General Alexander Lapin, other senior officers of the military region’s directorate and the Kyzyl garrison’s communication personnel attended the event.