Russian Lawmaker: U.S. Military’s 20-year-stay in Afghanistan Has Ended in Tragedy

Image credit: EPA

Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin of the Russian State Duma (Lower House of Parliament), wrote on  his Telegram account  on Tuesday that the money set aside by the United States and a certain number of European nations to destabilize other countries should be used to help the people of Afghanistan and its surrounding countries.

He noted that the expenditures on promoting democracy in other countries are growing in the United States and other European nations. The problem at hand is to link up the present authorities and to support those politicians who loyally support them and cause conflicts and tensions. According to Volodin, the appropriate thing to do would be to transfer these funds to aid the people of Afghanistan and neighboring states, who are bearing the full weight of the consequences of U.S. operations.

He also highlighted that any information on what kind of support is being supplied to Afghanistan and to surrounding countries was not provided by the U.S. Department of State. Volodin also criticizes the OSCE PA, PACE or the European Parliament for having  made no comments on the abuses of human rights or the need to support persons who have experienced awful circumstances.

According to the lawmaker, the twenty-year U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan ended in tragic and humanitarian destruction. He also noted that there has been a hundred times higher number of illegal drug labs, and killings of  over 250,000 civilians in NATO military operations and in the hands of terrorists.

On August 15, Taliban terrorist group (which is banned in Russia) invaded Kabul and in a couple of hours gained full control over the capital of Afghanistan. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani stated that he had resigned and left the country in order to prevent bloodshed.