Zakharova Says Kiev Neglects Constitutional Obligation to Protect Russian Language

Image credit: EPA

While commemorating Constitution Day, the Ukrainian government seems to have forgotten that many of its requirements are not being followed, particularly when it comes to language protection for Russian and other languages, TASS reports.

On her Telegram channel, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on the festivities commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Ukrainian Constitution on June 28.

Ukrainian legislators, according to the ambassador, have neglected the country’s international commitments. Following the Minsk Package of Measures, which was adopted by the UN Security Council and is thus mandatory, Zakharova added.

The spokesperson also mentioned the Ukrainian Constitution’s “long-suffering” character, which has been changed several times.

During the festivities, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky described the Constitution as “young and wise.”

Zakharova described it as long-suffering. The ambassador emphasized that wisdom cannot come without pain when it occurs during youth.