Aeroflot Creates ‘Quarantine Zone’ on Planes for Passengers Who Refuse to Wear a Mask During Pandemic

Russian flag-carrier Aeroflot has proposed creating special zones on its planes where anti-mask passengers will be forced to sit as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, RT reports.

Face coverings are already mandatory for boarding, with this new measure set to be implemented to deal with those who remove their mask after the plane’s doors are locked.

According to a document obtained by media outlet Baza, which was later confirmed by company press secretary Yulia Spivakova, the seats will be located at the back of the plane on the starboard side, and would even affect those who had purchased a business class ticket.

“It is critically important for us to ensure the safety of all passengers in this situation,” Spivakova told news agency RIA Novosti. “Therefore, for passengers who have declared their refusal to use the mask after the doors are closed, we have allocated seats.”

According to the rules of Russia’s health watchdog, Rospotrebnadzor, passengers are only allowed to enter the plane in masks and gloves, with face coverings replaced every three hours. The temperature of every passenger must also be checked, with those above 37°C being refused boarding.