En+ Group Approved to Redeem ‘Green’ Certificates

According to a news statement from En+ Group  – Anglo-Russian green energy and metals company –  the business has entered into an agreement with I-REC Services B.V. that allows it to redeem international renewable energy certificates (I-RECs).

“I-REC Services B.V. has certified En+ Group as a Participant. The two businesses have entered into an agreement that allows En+ Group to not only sell international renewable energy certificates (I-RECs), but also redeem them on behalf of the customer or on its own behalf, therefore providing a full-cycle I-REC service “, according to the company, TASS reports.

“We believe that renewable energy certificates and the trade connected with them promote the development of contemporary, environmentally beneficial technology while also enhancing openness in the energy market as a whole. We can now deliver a full variety of services with I-RECs as a Participant. This is considerably easier for our clients because they no longer have to apply with the I-REC registration, pay commissions, or deal with any additional paperwork “, Anton Butmanov, Director of Sustainable Development at EN+ Group, made a statement.

According to the firm, producers offer I-RECs to certify that their generated energy is fully compliant with “green” standards such as GHGP, CDP, and RE100. 

En+ Group is a vertically integrated manufacturer of aluminum and power. It brings together power plants with a total capacity of 19.7 GW and aluminum manufacturing with a total capacity of 3.9 million tonnes per year (through a controlling stake in Rusal).