Opora Russia Asked Moscow Mayor’s Office to Reduce Vaccination Quota

Image credit: EPA

The Moscow branch of the public group Opora Russia appealed to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, requesting that the minimum vaccination quota for enterprises be reduced from 60% to 40%, according to a letter obtained by RIA.

Elena Andreeva, the head of Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow, had already issued a directive mandating coronavirus vaccination for employees in a variety of “contact” areas, including commerce, services, transportation, education, and so on. Before August 15, at least 60% of such businesses’ workers must be immunized with the first component of the vaccine.

Furthermore, the group requests that the option of creating a transitional phase or delaying the implementation of restrictive measures until August 15 be considered.

For the third quarter of 2021, the Moscow branch of Opora Russia also requested that tax and fee exemptions for socially important and most affected industries be considered, as well as grants or loans with the possibility of write-off for enterprises that keep their payroll without reductions and comply with vaccination measures and restrictions.