Over 15,000 Cases of COVID-19 Infection Detected in Russia, Highest During Pandemic


The number of confirmed COVID-19 infections in Russia over the past 24 hours has increased by 15,150, the highest during the entire pandemic, the anti-coronavirus crisis center told reporters on Friday, TASS informed.

According to the crisis center, the relative daily growth over the past 24 hours has increased to 1.1%. The total number of infections has risen to 1,369,313.

The lowest daily growth rates were registered in the Republic of Chechnya (0.2%), the Chuvash Republic (0.4%) and the Republic of Tatarstan (0.5%).

Some 448 new cases were detected in the Moscow Region, 285 in the Rostov and Nizhny Novgorod Regions each, 226 cases in the Voronezh Region, and 219 cases were detected in the Sverdlovsk Region.

In all, currently there are 289,008 cases of the COVID-19 infection in Russia.