Russia Registered 890 New Coronavirus Deaths

Image credit: EPA

The anti-coronavirus crisis center told reporters on Sunday that the number of coronavirus fatalities in Russia climbed by 890 in the last 24 hours, compared to 886 the previous day.

Coronavirus issues claimed the lives of 209,918 people in total, TASS reports.

In the last 24 hours, Russia has recorded 25,769 new confirmed coronavirus cases. A total of 7,586,536 infections have been reported. This is the largest rise since January 2, the crisis center reports. The rate of new infections is increasing at a rate of 0.34 percent.

The number of COVID-19 patients discharged in Russia has grown by 15,391 in the last 24 hours. In total, 6,725,965 patients have made a full recovery. The overall proportion of recoveries to yet, per the crisis center, is roughly 88.7% of the total coronavirus case tally in Russia.

The number of reported coronavirus cases in Moscow increased by 4,294 per day, up from 4,032 the day before, for a total of 1,646,239 cases. Since July 18, the capital has had the largest number of instances. The rise is 0.26 percent relative to the previous year.

The number of people killed in Moscow climbed by 65 on Sunday, compared to 67 on Saturday, bringing the total to 29,176. Over 60 coronavirus fatalities per day have been reported in the city in the last week.

The number of individuals who have recovered in the capital has risen to 1,496,227 each day (90.9 percent of all infected). According to the statistics, there are 120,836 coronavirus instances recorded in the capital, the most since the end of July.

The number of new coronavirus instances in Moscow climbed by 1,646 per day on average, the highest rate since August 1. A day earlier, 1,483 instances were discovered, increasing the total number of cases to 453,625. A total of 394,800 individuals were healed over the day, with 999 patients being discharged following recuperation. A total of 8,226 individuals died in the region, with an average of 12 fatalities each day.

During the day, 999 patients were discharged following recovery, bringing the total number of people who have recovered to 394,800. In the space of 24 hours, 12 individuals died, bringing the total to 8,226.