Russian Ballistic System S-500 Passes Tests Successfully

In a training operation at the Kapustin Yar range, Russia’s S-500 next-generation ballistic missile hit a fast-moving ballistic target, TASS reports. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the first S-500 system will be delivered to the Moscow Region’s air and missile defense unit once a complete round of testing is finished.

At the Kapustin Yar military training base, the cutting-edge S-500 missile system fired a test assault shot at a fast-moving ballistic target. Data recorders noted that the target was engaged, according to the military agency.

The combat firing carried out as part of the test trials proved the ballistic system’s tactical and technical performance qualities, as well as the strong dependability of Russia’s air defense military hardware, according to the ministry.

The S-500 missile system has no counterparts anywhere in the globe, and it can intercept a prospective enemy’s whole range of present and future air and space assault capabilities at all altitudes and speeds.

The S-500 systems will take the place of the S-400 systems. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu previously stated that the Russian army will begin receiving S-500s in 2020, despite the fact that specialists have been developing the weapon since 2017.