Russia Registered 23,770 New Coronavirus Cases

Image credit: EPA

The anti-coronavirus crisis center in Russia verified 23,770 COVID-19 cases during the last day, a new low since July 6, and the overall case tally reached 6,006,536, according to the anti-coronavirus crisis center.

In relative terms, the number of new cases increased by 0.4 percent.

Over the course of the day, Moscow verified 3,188 COVID-19 cases, while in Russia, 474,401 individuals are currently receiving therapy.

The capital had 4,007 coronavirus cases the day before. The number of cases increased by 0.22 percent in relative terms.

Moscow has recorded 101 deaths in the last 24 hours, increasing the city’s overall death toll to 24,585.

Over the last day, 7,968 people were released from hospitals, bringing the overall number of recoveries to 1,296,952. In Moscow, 148,793 individuals are now infected.

In the last 24 hours, Russia has registered 784 coronavirus fatalities, up from 719 the day before. The overall number of those killed has risen to 149,922.

As per the crisis center’s data, 2.5 percent of patients infected with COVID-19 in Russia have died.

The number of coronavirus recoveries in Russia has increased by 22,218 in the last 24 hours. So far, 5,382,213 individuals have recovered across the country.

According to the crisis center, 89.6 percent of the total number of patients had recovered.