No Russians among Detained for Storming U.S. Capitol

Russian citizens are not among those detained or injured in the January 6 riots outside the U.S. Congress, the Russian embassy in the U.S. said in a statement on Facebook on Friday, as reported by TASS.

“The Russian Embassy in the United States is closely monitoring the situation in connection with the state of affairs in the capital district. They asked the State Department for the presence of Russians among the detainees or victims. So far, no such facts have been identified,” the diplomatic mission said. The embassy stressed that it will “provide consular and legal assistance to compatriots,” if necessary.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that one of those detained in a court in Washington D.C. asked for a translator from Russian.

On Thursday, Bloomberg reported citing Michael Sherwin, the acting U.S. Attorney in Washington, that the US authorities had charged 55 people with crimes stemming from the siege of the U.S. Capitol. Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee said 68 people were arrested in D.C. from Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning.

On January 6, Trump supporters stormed into the U.S. Congress building to prevent the approval of the results of the last November 3 presidential elections in the country, which was won by the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. During the riots in Washington, Capitol police shot a female protester. Three more unrelated deaths were reported and were later qualified as medical emergencies. Also a Capitol police officer died after the clashes.