Peskov Says Russia Not Discussing New Lockdown

Image credit: EPA

According to TASS, the Kremlin has no information that any Russian regions are planning to implement a lockdown as a result of the coronavirus issue, and there are no such preparations at the federal level.

Peskov was also questioned if the Kremlin thinks the counter-pandemic measures implemented in the Moscow region to be enough. In response, he stated that it is no longer relevant what we think, but rather what decisions the region takes under the context of unique authorities. The region is the one who decides what actions should be made in the current situation.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin stated that the city’s covid situation remained extremely tough. In this respect, the capital’s authorities have enacted a number of additional regulations, including a temporary ban on concerts, entertainment, and sports activities involving more than 500 people, which will take effect on June 22.

Only citizens who have been vaccinated, who have had COVID-19 in the past six months, or who have a negative PCR test valid for three days will be allowed to attend cafés and restaurants as of June 28.