Putin said NATO is Building up Military Capabilities Near Russian Borders

NATO Headquarters

Russia is concerned about NATO’s infrastructure being built near its borders, as well as the alliance’s refusal to seriously examine Moscow’s ideas, according to President Vladimir Putin.

According to RIA Novosti, Putin stated in his welcoming to the attendees of the Ninth Moscow Conference on International Security, Moscow is hopeful that common reason and the desire to build constructive ties with us will finally prevail.

NATO has evolved into a worldwide military-political alliance to restrain Russia and China, according to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. According to him, a trend toward military conflict has emerged in Europe, with regular drills destabilizing the situation along Russia’s frontiers.

As a result, the alliance is planning routes for the operational deployment of soldiers to territories near the Union State, according to the minister. The deployment of American medium-range missiles in Asia poses a danger to the eastern frontiers. Shoigu reminded that there are no constraints in this respect because the United States withdrew from the INF Treaty, which prohibits the use of such weapons.

The alliance’s drills in the Black Sea are also a source of concern for Moscow. The Ukrainian-American exercises Sea Breeze, which will take place in June and July, are particularly noteworthy. The Russian Embassy in the United States thinks that the exercises raise the possibility of accidental accidents in the Black Sea region, and that they should be discontinued. The Russian Foreign Ministry takes a similar stance.

In turn, Igor Konashenkov, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, stated that under the cover of Sea Breeze, NATO would provide Ukraine with new weaponry, which will be distributed to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and nationalist militias in Donbass.