Special Operations Troops Conduct Live Firing at Russian-Belarusian Joint Military Drills

Servicemen participating in the “Slavic Brotherhood 2020” military drills near Belarus’s Brest performed a number of firing tasks during the initial stage of the exercise, Belarusian Defense Ministry announced Thursday, TASS reported.

“The airborne troops of both countries crossed a water obstacle and performed a number of firing tasks using D-30 howitzers, guided anti-tank missiles and mortars. Russian Guardsmen supported their Belarusian colleagues with 2S-9 Nona-S 120mm self-propelled artillery,” the ministry disclosed.

The drills involve servicemen of the 38th Brest Guards airborne brigade of the Belarusian special operations forces and the Russian airborne troops from the 76th Guards airborne division. The drills are currently in its first stage. The second stage will take place in late September.