Russia Develops Parachute System for Reentrant Stages of Space Rockets

The state corporation Roscosmos intends to commission research into the development of a parachute mechanism for space rocket recoverable stages. The Rostec state corporation’s Tekhnodinamika holding will be involved in the system’s development, according to Igor Nasenkov, the holding’s general director.

Nasenkov said that the company got a preliminary order from Roscosmos for the creation of technical specifications for parachute systems that can return reusable steps less than a month ago, adding that this year, they will begin research and development, TASS reports.

According to Nasenkov, no precise date for the invention of the parachute system has been established.

Russia is working on a reusable stage for the Amur methane rocket. In October of last year, Roskosmos and Progress RCC inked a contract for the creation of a conceptual design for a space rocket complex. The Amur will be capable of launching up to 10.5 tons of cargo into low-earth orbit, compared to 8.5 tons for the Soyuz-2 series rockets.

One of the most prominent developments in rocketry nowadays is the use of reusable stages in space rockets. Reentry stages are now available in SpaceX’s Falcon rockets and Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket in the United States. China and Europe are also working on reusable rockets.