Russia Will Deliver Rocket Engines for US Company

The Russian government’s support for talks on supplying Russian rocket engines to the US would allow both parties to continue their mutually advantageous collaboration despite the continued sanctions, Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, said in a statement on Monday.

“The Russian government’s approval of Roscosmos’ proposal to conduct negotiations aimed at signing a contract with the interested client to supply Russia’s RD-181M rocket engines produced by NPO Energomash (a Roscosmos subsidiary) for the American company Orbital Sciences LLC will allow the two countries to continue their mutually beneficial cooperation in the rocket engine product.”

The Russian outlet emphasized that the US will be able to get rocket engines for its carrier rockets that are “reliable and unsurpassed in their features.”

“Partners of NPO Energomash may be confident that Russian engines are of the highest quality and dependability. Roscosmos and NPO Energomash confirm their reputation as trustworthy suppliers of high-quality high-tech manufacturing “, the agency added. 

Roscosmos further mentioned that the United States has been utilizing RD-181 engines since 2015. The Antares carrier rocket delivers cargo to the International Space Station thanks to the Russian engine. All launches utilizing Russia’s RD-180 and RD-181 engines have been successful.

“The new RD-181M engine, for which Roscosmos has acquired an export license, marks the RD-181’s next evolutionary step. Its Russian carrier rocket counterpart, the RD-191M, will be utilized in the manned version of the Angara-A5P heavy space rocket “, according to the agency.

Earlier, when Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed the appropriate order, Moscow sponsored discussions aimed at reaching an agreement to purchase Russian RD-181M engines manufactured by NPO Energomash for Orbital Sciences LLC.

The paper underlines that Antares carrier rockets powered by Russian engines should not be utilized to launch military equipment, and the US business must take precautions to preserve Russian technology.