Russia’s Corvette Stoikiy Arrives at Port Sudan

Russia’s corvette Stoikiy has entered Port Sudan, two high-ranking sources at the port told Sputnik News.

“Corvette Stoikiy 545 arrived at the northern part of Port Sudan on Thursday as part of boosting the relations between the countries,” one of the sources said.

On February 28, frigate Admiral Grigorovich became the first Russian military ship that entered Port Sudan in modern history.

In 2017, then-Sudanese leader Omar Bashir told Sputnik that he had discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu the possibility of creating a military base in the Red Sea waters. The Russian ambassador in Khartoum subsequently explained that the two sides were discussing plans to open not a full-fledged military base but rather a logistics unit.

In early December of 2020, the two parties signed an agreement to set up the Russian Navy’s logistics hub on the Red Sea coast.